If y ou have lots of trees in your yard, at one time or another they will have some kind of sickness or become damaged by natural disasters. When a tree has limbs or a central section fall off in a storm or an unanticipated situation, you'll need to call emergency services to prevent it from damaging your possessions, your house, or power lines. The reason you'll need to call emergency services is because it's dangerous to do any work on a severely damaged, unstable tree yourself. We can help you prevent your trees from getting to this point of damage and elaborate on what to do when trouble strikes on your property.

Preventative Maintenance Is the Best Option

To keep from needing emergency tree services, you should try to do preventative maintenance that will keep your trees healthy. Every tree has branches and sections that will fall off and, if they are cut off routinely, they won't damage the rest of the tree. If a branch is damaged in a storm and not promptly cut off, it can eventually break off at a lower point on the trunk and the tree may not be able to heal the larger wound. This is why most arborists recommend that you prune your trees in the late spring or early summer.

Fixing Tree Issues in an Emergency Can Be Dangerous

I f you leave pieces of trees around your yard or you don't prune diseased pieces off your trees, it can cause situations that are too dangerous to fix by yourself, which is when you need to consult with emergency tree services. With a rotting stump, if insects like wasps or termites start eating away at it, you will need an expert to come in and contain the insects and then do stump grinding in Conyers for you. A large stump will be unwieldy to try to cut apart or dissolve with chemicals that you have in your own garage. An emergency service can bring in machines that will be heavy-duty enough to pull up or grind apart the stump. Don't try to deal with situations that are too big for you when you can easily contract with someone that has the knowledge and experience to deal with the dangerous situation in a way that will quickly resolve the problem.

Have an Emergency-Service Number

Another thing you should remember about emergency tree service in Conyers is that when you need it, it will be at a moment's notice. For this reason, you should already have developed a relationship with a single company and have their number on-hand. If you're keeping a close eye on an older tree or just want to be on the safe side, get a magnet with the emergency service's contact information or put it in an area where you won't lose it; or, just add it to your phone’s contact list Make sure you have important information about the different trees in your yard, like what types they are and how tall they stand. With this, you'll be able to communicate quickly the essentials of what's going wrong and how the emergency service can help right things.