Trees provide a beautiful element to your landscaping and shade from the sun on those hot summer days. When you have trees and bushes that are causing problems, though, it’s time to remove them. Removing trees or cutting them down may seem like a simple process, but without the proper tools and equipment, it can prove difficult. Instead of taking this project on yourself, consider hiring an affordable tree service in Lilthonia. Depending on the type of tree you need to have removed, they will utilize the following equipment.

  • Axes. When you hear of trees being removed and cut down, you usually picture it being done with an axe. This is one of the oldest tools used in tree removal simply because they are so easy to use. Simple axes have a small handle, making them easy to grip and swing. Double-sided axes are perfect for cutting down trees, while pickaxes can be used to pry up tree roots. In the event that an axe is too dull to be used to cut down a tree, it simply needs to be sharpened with a mill file.
  • Crosscut saws. This type of equipment needs two people in order to operate it. Each person stands at the end of the saw, gripping a handle. The saw is then held at a 45-degree angle before being moved back and forth into the bark of the tree. These saws come in many different sizes and lengths. It’s important to select a saw that will work the best with the size of tree that is being cut down. The people on either end of the saw take turns pushing and pulling the saw as it cuts down the branches or stump of the tree.
  • Chainsaws. These powerful devices are powered by either electricity or gas. These saws have sharp metal edges that are rotated on a chain around the guide bar of the saw. They are extremely dangerous if not used correctly. For that reason, only experienced individuals should operate a chainsaw. When operating a chainsaw, it’s important to wear appropriate eye protection and gear. It’s recommended that gas-powered chainsaws be used when felling trees and that electric chainsaws only be used for pruning trees and shrubberies. Following proper guidelines when using chainsaws is the best way to prevent injury.
  • Stump grinders. Once a tree has been cut down, you may be left with a stump that also warrants removal. It can be difficult to completely remove the stump due to the roots hidden beneath the earth. Because of this, many people choose to use a stump grinder. This machine has rotating teeth that move quickly to grind up the stump of a tree along with its roots. Professional tree services have access to stump grinders. Their experienced technicians understand exactly how to use this machinery safely.

When you have a tree that needs to be removed, don’t attempt to do it yourself. This is a job that requires the proper equipment and knowledge. To prevent injury or damage to your yard, hire one of the experienced tree cutting services in Lilthonia. With their help, that troublesome tree will be removed quickly, easily, and without any issues.