If you have a tree stump in your yard, it might bother you night and day. You may be inclined to remove it yourself but you really shouldn't. Cutting down a tree is actually a thousand times easier than removing the stump itself. The stump grows deeper than just the surface of the ground. You have to dig out all of the roots in order to remove the stump completely. Even if you think you can watch a DIY video, then remove a tree stump, you might not have the equipment needed for tree stump removal in Athens. It's always better to be safe rather than sorry, and just hire a team of professionals to remove the stump cleanly off your yard.

It's Dangerous and Expensive

Removing a tree stump on your own is full of dangers that you might not know too much about. When you try to remove a tree stump by yourself, you put your neighbors, yourself, and your property at risk. Tying a rope around the stump of the tree and connecting it to the back of your car is not only dangerous, but it can actually break your car. Some tree stumps are much stronger than you give them credit for. Even if you do get the stump out of the ground with a rope, it is liable to fly up and smash your car, or hit someone on its way out. Tree stumps can even split apart when you rip them out of the ground, causing the pieces to fly off and hit people in the surrounding area. Buying the right equipment to get the job done can also be more expensive than just hiring a professional company to do it for you.

Years of Experience

Companies who remove tree stumps have years of experience doing the job. Chances are they even do it every day. Hiring a professional ensures not only that the stump will get removed, but that it will get removed properly. They have experience removing tree stumps without causing any damage to the surrounding area or harming any people in the process. Removing a tree stump safely requires that you make precise cuts in multiple areas of the stump, then carefully using machinery that you can't find at just any store. You also won't be able to read a Wiki How-To page online in order to help you use the machinery properly.


As much as it might hurt you to hear, you don't know everything about trees or tree stumps. A professional tree stump removing company can give you the right advice about what you should do in your exact circumstance. It's important that you talk to a professional because they have years of knowledge dealing with this kind of work. They know how to deal with tree roots that are close to pipes or electrical systems, while you might not.

The Right Equipment

As mentioned above, you aren't always going to be able to find the right pieces of machinery needed to remove a tree stump. Even if you do find the machinery somewhere online, it's going to cost you a ridiculous amount of money and you still won't know how to use it. Professionals already have the equipment and they have proper training on how to use it effectively and safely.


A team of professionals will clean up the tree stump remains after they have removed it from your ground. This makes the process run a lot more smoothly and painless for you and your family.