When removing a tree, it's important to cut down the branches and trunk first. Then it's time for stump removal in Athens. There are several different techniques that can be used to complete the job. Choosing the right one requires considering the condition of the stump and roots as well as the things around the stump. Here are 5 techniques that can be used.

Shovel and Root Saw

Using a shovel is simple but takes a lot of work. With a shovel in hand, work around the base of the tree stump to expose the largest roots around it. After the stump is unearthed, get a root saw and start cutting the roots away from the stump. Throw away the roots along the way to keep the area clean and clear. Once the stump is loose, use the shovel to pull it out. For larger and deeper roots, a different method would be preferred.  

Stump Grinder

A stump grinder chops the stump and surrounding roots into small pieces. The tool grinds the parts down to about 1 foot under the ground. Using the equipment is dangerous, however, unless one knows how to use it. Even then, it's important to be cautious and wear the proper safety attire and use safety equipment.

Place the grinder over the stump. Once it's completed the job, use a shovel to remove the grindings and fill the space with dirt. 


For difficult-to-reach stumps, try piling wood blocks on top of it and lighting them on fire. Use wood from the tree that was cut down. The fire needs to be kept burning for several hours. After it's done, remove the ash and fill the space with dirt.

Don't use this method if the stump is near the house or other foliage. It's important to contain the fire and ensure that it won't cause further problems on the property.


Stump remover products contain potassium nitrate to speed up the decaying process. Chemicals need to be used with caution. Make sure that no children or pets come near the area while the chemicals are on the stump. Start by drilling holes into the tree. Evenly space the holes around the stump. Then, pour the stump remover into the holes. Wait several weeks. The tree will rot and get softer, making it easier to remove the stump.


Try tying a rope or chain around the stump. Then, attach it to the back of a car. Drive forward to apply enough force to remove the stump. The stump needs to be higher off the ground in order to use this method effectively. It's also important to attach the rope or chain carefully to prevent damage to the vehicle.

While choosing one of these stump removal techniques, consider hiring professionals to help. The process can be difficult and requires tools that might not be on hand. With our experience, we know the best techniques to use for each situation, depending on the condition of the stump, roots, and things around the stump. We can help you determine the best technique to use and help remove the stump as quickly and efficiently as possible.