There’s no question that mature trees in a well-maintained and healthy landscape increase home values, sometimes by as much as 19 percent. But if a tree begins to show signs of deterioration, it’s important to take care of the situation, and, in some cases, remove the tree.

An unhealthy tree can cause significant monetary damage to your own or a neighbor’s property should it fall or lose large limbs. Sometimes professional tree pruning can be performed to save the tree, but not always. Signs that a tree may need to be removed include:

·         The tree was struck by a lightning strike that traveled through the trunk, damaging the bark, wood, and roots.

·         Root damage can kill a tree. The tree might lean to the side, or could be there might be small branches sprouting out of the trunk along the base of the tree, which are indications of stress and severe root damage.

·         Dead branches found on one side of the tree could indicate root damage.

·         The bark is missing in places, without indication of new bark replacing it.

Unfortunately, trees die and the problem must be addressed to avoid potential property damage. The first step is to contact a tree care service in Conyers who can inspect the tree to determine whether or not it can be saved.

Finding the right tree removal service is important. Unfortunately, not all tree service companies are equally qualified. With these tips, you can find an eco-friendly company with expertise in safe and professional tree removal.


Look for tree removal experts who are ISA certified arborists. ISA stands for International Society of Arboriculture, a professional tree care organization that provides credentials for tree service professionals. To become certified, applicants must pass a written test, present proof of education and work experience, and agree to a code of ethics. You can verify a tree technician’s ISA certification by searching the name at the ISA website.

Better Business Bureau

Search for complaints and other pertinent information about the tree removal service in the Metro Atlanta, Athens, and NE Georgia region, including Conyers, through the Better Business Bureau website. Not only will you find the number of complaints filed against the company, but also the number of those complaints that were resolved and whether or not the company is accredited.


Reputable companies will offer proof of general liability insurance to pay for any damage caused to your property as a result of the work. The company should additionally provide proof of workmen’s compensation coverage for employees while performing work on your property.


A written estimate of the tree removal costs, along with an itemized list of charges and any additional fees, should be provided. Make sure there is written documentation indicating that any services incurring additional charges be approved by you before they are performed.


Look for a company who identifies itself as a green company and provides information regarding the disposal of tree debris after removal. An important part of tree removal is the complete removal and clean-up of all debris from your property. If you wish to have the tree stump removed, ask about the company’s tree grinding services.

Protect your property from damage caused by a fallen tree. After choosing a reputable tree removal company in Conyers, arrange for an inspection and estimate of the services that will be provided.