Trees in flood

If you have recently had flooding in your yard, your trees probably aren’t going to be the first things you think of, but at some point, you will need to consider the damage done to them by the water. Then you can decide whether they’ll be fine on their own or whether you’ll need to hire a tree care service in Conyers to take care of them. Unfortunately, although trees are pretty sturdy in general, there are a few ways floods can affect them.

Physical Damage

You’ll probably only get physical damage if the flooding was particularly strong. High currents can erode the dirt around the tree, exposing the roots and making them more vulnerable. Floods can also carry ice and debris that may strike against the tree and hurt it.

Insect Damage

Flooding can bring a lot of pests to your tree, especially insects like beetles. These will bore into the wood and gradually weaken it. Sometimes the tree is salvageable, but other times, it’s just a safety hazard, and it’s well worth the tree removal cost in Conyers to get rid of it entirely.


Another reason you might look for a tree removal service in Conyers is if the tree is diseased. Floods can sometimes carry diseases that affect trees, and the act of flooding itself stresses and weakens trees and makes them more susceptible to diseases that can destroy them.

Soil Alteration

As previously mentioned, floods can sometimes move some of the dirt away from the tree roots. Besides that, it can change the soil composition so that it’s no longer ideal for growing trees. The flood might bring harmful sediments, increase the soil pH, or remove some of the nutrients needed for healthy growth.

Growth Alteration

Sometimes you don’t need to remove a tree entirely, but it will still need care from a tree care service in Conyers. If you have a flood covering the area for an extended period, it may change how tall or how wide your tree grows and you will need professional help if you want to try to prevent these alterations.