Arborists are employed by tree services in Watkinsville for many reasons. A tree care service in Watkinsville can help heal a suffering tree, plant a new tree, or even remove a tree when necessary. If you're in need of a tree service company but are unsure if they'll be able to provide the service you're looking for, here are some of the typical services that you can expect a good tree care company to provide.

Disease and Bug Treatment

Trees rarely die from old age; rather, they're killed by numerous diseases and bugs that infest a tree and eventually cause its death when action isn't taken. Caring for a tree that’s been affected by fungal infection, pests, and disease is a common service provided by a tree service company. Sometimes treatments include the use of sprays or injections to fight off what's infesting the tree. In other cases, tree surgery is necessary as well. This usually requires the removal of dead branches or parts of the trunk that have been damaged.


Pruning can be very beneficial for a tree when done properly, but when done incorrectly it can be devastating. It's important to trust a professional for pruning and trimming because there are certain techniques and optimal timing that contribute to a tree's health. Proper technique and timing allow the tree to maximize its growth. In addition to benefitting the tree's health, a professional can ensure the tree is properly shaped to enhance its beauty and reduce the risk of damage to surrounding structures that can result from untamed limb growth.

Tree Planting

While planting a tree may not be a very difficult task itself, the planning process requires more forethought than many people realize. Consulting an arborist can be very helpful when planting a tree because they will consider the light and soil conditions as well as other factors that affect the placement of the tree. A tree service company can also help determine the likely growth rate, shape, and size of the tree you're considering to help you find the perfect location.

Additional Tree Care

In addition to pruning and disease management, there are other tree care considerations to think about. A tree care company can make sure your trees are properly fertilized. They may sometimes recommend deep root fertilization to help rebuild the root structure of existing trees. They can also help cable and brace trees that may be susceptible to damage from storms. Only an arborist can properly evaluate a tree to determine if this is a good option and how it should be done.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, there are some instances when tree removal is the best course of action. It's important to consult a tree company service to make sure this is the case. Some homeowners have been surprised to learn that a tree they thought needed to be removed can be revitalized with the right treatments. When a tree becomes more of a liability than an asset, it's important to consult a professional to make sure the tree is removed safely.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is another valuable service a tree removal company provides. A piece of machinery passes over the stump until the stump is ground down below the surface. Not only does this effectively remove the stump, but it also provides mulch that you can use in other areas of your yard.