Trees require a certain amount of care in order to remain healthy. Along with water and sunlight, they need to be trimmed from time to time. This pruning process is often known as “tree topping.” Tree topping is the perfect way to shape your trees and create a beautiful yard. Some trees can be trimmed into specific shapes or patterns to compliment your home. Along with the aesthetic benefits of tree trimming in Conyers, here are a few other reasons you should top your trees regularly.

  • Tree topping improves the overall health of your tree. As your tree grows, branches become brittle and certain parts may begin to die. These diseased or damaged parts can take hold of the healthy parts of the tree, causing serious issues. To preserve your trees’ health, it’s important to trim back these damaged branches. If you choose not to trim your tree, the disease or decay could spread to the other trees on your property. Over time, this could completely destroy your trees. Tree topping reduces the chance of health issues taking over and killing your yard.
  • It encourages the growth of young trees. When trees are young, they often grow unpredictably. If left unchecked, these growths could make for an unattractive mature tree. Certain growth patterns may even cause the tree to fail to thrive. By topping your young trees, you allow them to grow in a way that ensures their health and beauty. However, topping young trees isn’t easy. If too many branches are trimmed, it could impact its structural integrity and lead to other serious issues. Make sure that you hire a company to handle the trimming of your young tree to ensure that it grows as it should and blossoms into a beautiful mature tree.
  • Tree topping keeps your home and family safe. When the heavy winds set in, your trees become dangerous. If your trees haven’t been topped, dead or lopsided branches are more likely to break off during harsh weather. This poses a safety risk for your home, family, and property as they could easily fall and cause serious problems. Having your trees trimmed regularly ensures that any dangerous branches are removed before they have the chance to cause any damage.
  • Trimming your trees also reduces shading. While shade is glorious on a hot day, it’s not always good for your plants and grass. In fact, if your yard is beautifully landscaped, too much shade can be a disaster. Tree topping reduces excess shade and ensures that your garden receives the right amount of sunlight to thrive. If you have solar panels, tree topping also ensures that your home sees enough sun to power your home adequately.


The best time to top your trees is either in the fall or once spring hits. This makes it easier to see which branches need to be trimmed without the obstruction of blossoms and leaves. While you can attempt to trim your trees on your own, hiring a professional tree trimming service is a better choice. With the expertise and experience of a company who specializes in tree topping in Conyers, your trees have a better chance of thriving and so does the rest of your yard.