Is your property dotted with old, unsafe trees, or do you have one near your house that makes you nervous? Tree removal in Athens may be your best solution, but once you decide on that as an option, you may want to know what to expect in terms of cost. Here we have a brief overview of what tree removal might cost you, based on the type of tree you have and other factors.

Tree Removal

Tree removal costs can range quite a bit depending on a wide variety of circumstances. Average prices run from about $150 to $1,500, and that price rarely includes stump removal or tree grinding. Different types of trees will be more or less expensive to remove depending on the size and the type of wood. Larger trees take more work and are more expensive, as are hardwood trees like oak.

Location is important – both where you live and where on your property the tree is situated. If you live near a tree removal company, obviously the travel expenses will be lower. For instance, tree removal cost in Athens can be quite reasonable. Also, if your tree is near a house or another structure that makes maneuvering difficult, that could cost you extra.

There are several other important points, such as the condition of the tree. Strong, healthy trees cost more money to remove since they are harder to get through. If your tree is rotting or dead, be sure to mention this fact when asking for a price quote. If you want to remove a fallen tree, the price will be lower still.


Stump Removal and Grinding

To remove a stump, it usually costs between $60 and $350, and to grind it down, you’ll probably spend between $75 and $1,000, though as with tree removal, there are several factors in play. Obviously, as with the trees, size is an issue to consider. Larger stumps not only take more work to grind down, but they will need larger grinders, which use more fuel and take more effort to maneuver. This is why large stumps cost more than small stumps. Also like trees, the type of tree can make the job easier or harder. Softer woods are easier to saw or grind than their hardwood counterparts, so your soft wood trees and trees with thinner bark will cost you less money.

There are other aspects of the stump removal or grinding process that are different from tree removal. For one thing, the roots need to be considered if you are fully removing the stump. Old trees that have grown large root systems will be harder to uproot. Soil conditions need to be considered, too. If your tree is growing in dry soil or clay, it’s going to be harder to deal with than soft dirt. The dry, compact dirt could damage equipment, meaning that you might be billed for repairs. Alternately, your workers may have to prepare the dirt for tree removal, especially if it hasn’t rained in a few days, and this extra service means an extra service fee. Meanwhile, if you go with stump grinding and want North American Tree Service to take away the sawdust piles, that might cost you more.