Trees are a beautiful part of life. When it comes to your home or business, trees can enhance the overall attractiveness of your property. As beautiful as they are, and unlike permanent structures, trees are living, growing things that need regular maintenance and, sometimes, even removal. This is generally a task you won't want to take on yourself, so finding an expert and a reliable tree service in Lilburn would be a wise move. 

Taking into considerations what you've just read, how can you find a tree removal company that provides great service? One way is by asking questions before you hire them. North American Tree Service would like to suggest some important questions you should ask and things to find out about a potential tree service.

Do They Look Reputable?  

If you want a tree service company that will leave your trees and property looking great, then maybe you should look for a company that looks great themselves. If the company has shiny trucks that appear to be well maintained and personnel who are dressed clean and professionally, this might be an indication that they will also take pride in the job they do for you. In addition, you should check out their website. If their site looks very professional, they probably will be the professionals you should hire for your tree project.

Do They Have Credentials and References?

Right up front, find out if they have an up-to-date certificate of insurance so you don't end up being liable for any damages, accidents or injuries. Next, find out if they are members of one or more associations and societies of arborists. This will be a great indication that the company takes their work, and their customers, seriously. Finally, ask for a list of references. Customers like to say good things about a company when they are happy with the work they provide. They also feel compelled to complain about a company when they are not satisfied with the work provided. If their good reviews far outweigh their bad ones, they are probably a good tree service to hire--and vice versa if it's just the opposite. 


Get Several Estimates

Compare estimates from at least 3 different tree services. This will give you a pretty fair idea of which company is going to provide the highest quality service for the best price. It might be important to keep in mind the time-honored adage: You get what you pay for. The estimate will also give you important information such as how long the project will be expected to take.

What Are Their Work Procedures and Methods?

Find out important details such as what kinds of equipment will be used and how this equipment will be employed on the job. Some companies might use spikes for climbing and this can cause unwanted damage to your trees. Other companies might use heavy equipment that can cause damage to your bushes and flowerbeds--or even worse. 

Do They Follow OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Requirements? 

Reputable tree service companies will require their employees to wear hard hats and other safety equipment. If they don't care about their workers in this way, they are not very likely to care about you or your project.  

Make sure that your trees are looking good and making your property look good, too.  Maintain them and remove them when necessary. For tree stump removal in Lilburn, make sure to find an expert service and make sure also to ask all the important questions that you've just learned about.