In the modern age of do-it-yourself fervor, people often don't like asking for help. A thousand new how-to articles seem to be published daily covering anything from gardening to starting your own business, but that doesn't mean that every job is as easy as it looks on YouTube. There actually is a lot of work that you can do in your own backyard, and landscaping can certainly make for a great hobby, especially if you have a green thumb and are passionate about getting your hands dirty. Of course, sometimes expert assistance can be hugely beneficial, and tree service in Lithonia could be exactly what your yard needs.

Beautification and Health

What can a certified arborist bring to the table? Aesthetics is definitely one area where you can take advantage of an arborist’s professional skills. Along with a well-manicured lawn, healthy trees make for one of the most obvious points of attraction. In fact, flowers or bushes can sometimes bring unwanted attention to poorly treated trees if you don't make sure to care for them properly. Part of that maintenance will be pruning. You may think that a trim is just for when your trees are starting to grow over your neighbor's property or for when a branch might threaten a power line, but that's not at all true. Pruning helps to provide improved airflow, while also cutting away dying or rotting limbs. Disease and parasites can threaten trees just like they can most organisms, and a trim is one way to aid in improving the health of your trees. Dead or decayed limbs should be removed regularly to preserve and safeguard the trees’ vigor.

Tree stump removal in Lithonia can enhance both the overall appearance and promote a healthier lawn. Rotting stumps are prone to infestations, and if not removed, they can potentially spread to other plants. Once it begins to spread, salvaging the rest of your foliage can become impossible. Prevention really is the best cure. While there's certainly no guarantee that a stump will harbor parasites or become diseased, it's always recommended that it be removed just in case. There's no need to take chances. Gambling with the health of your lawn isn't necessarily a safe bet. It's better to simply avoid the risk altogether.

Safety First

Yes, removing overhanging limbs or the occasionally hazardous branch does promote safety. Not only does this keep them away from electrical lines, but it can save your roof and facade. It doesn't take a massively powerful storm to toss limbs or knock off branches, and tending to your trees can ensure that those sorts of accidents don't threaten your home. An arborist can also recommend tree removal if he or she feels that there's a particularly dangerous culprit. Pruning isn't always enough. Sometimes a full removal is needed instead.

Reducing windsail is helpful even if it isn't a term that you often hear when it comes to landscaping and the beautification of your lawn. When the wind kicks up, the tops of your trees can behave similarly to the sail of a ship. Basically, the leaves and limbs catch the wind. You've seen how they can sway in the breeze or even look like they're about to tip over with powerful gusts. Trimming your trees can keep it from becoming an unmanageable problem. That force is what results in toppled trees, which in turn can threaten your property. Prevention is always preferable to repairs. If you need pruning or tree removal service in Lithonia, an arborist can save your home before it needs fixing.