Your landscaping is an important part of the value of your home and property, and your trees are probably the most valuable part of your landscape. Keeping those trees in prime health is an important job, but keeping you safe while trimming those trees is even more important. Please keep the following safety tips in mind to avoid injuries while caring for your trees:

·         Don't ever work on trees and limbs that are near power lines. Always assume the lines are hot and stay well away.

·         Don't trim trees in dangerous weather conditions. Windy, rainy, icy, or overall hot or cold conditions serve to exacerbate the already risky state of tree work, so save your trimming projects for calm, mild, dry days.

·         Make sure you have proper training on chain saws and other power equipment before using them to trim trees.

·         Wear appropriate safety equipment including gloves, hardhats, ear and eye protection, and any other gear recommended by the equipment manufacturer.

·         Do not climb trees or ladders with tools in your hands. Don't plan to do any trimming that requires you to use heavy power tools while standing on a ladder. Chainsaws should be used on the ground only.

·         Mark off the area you are working in with rope or tape to protect passersby from falling limbs and branches.

·         Work with a buddy who stays on the ground. They can help you see what you are doing and get help in case of emergency.

·         Inspect the tree you will be trimming thoroughly. Look for broken and split branches and check the trunk for breaks and cankers. You need to be certain the tree is stable enough for the work you have in mind. In addition, look carefully for signs of animal and insect life in and around the tree. You don't want to be surprised by a wasp's nest while climbing a tree!

·         Work slowly and methodically and never take your eyes off the branch you are cutting. Be aware of where the branches are likely to fall.

Trimming your trees regularly will keep them in good shape for years, adding beauty and value to your property as they grow. If you don’t feel up to tackling the job yourself, call North American Tree Service for a tree trimmer in Conyers today!