There will be situations when you as a property owner will need the services of a tree removal expert. Heavy branches encroaching on your house pose the potential for damage. Storm-damaged trees can be hazardous to you and your family, or create liability headaches with a neighboring property owner. Dead limbs can loom as a particular danger.

It is for these and many other reasons why you should retain the services of a tree removal expert. Cutting trees and branches yourself can be dangerous, and the task is best left to a trained and skilled professional who can do the job with total confidence.

It is best to do your research when selecting a tree removal company in Conyers. The company’s past reputation in the community is a start, but here are other factors to consider to help you make a smart decision.

Check the Credentials

A tree removal expert can do a quality job of eliminating the tree or branch problem. There are contractors out there, however, that can do a lot of damage because they lack the proper training other than knowing how to operate a chainsaw.

In researching your service provider, ask about the employees’ backgrounds in this type of work and how many years they have worked in tree removal. Also, check if the company is licensed for this work in the state. You may also ask the company for referrals from customers it had done work for. You are entitled to know what to expect, and a positive referral can have a big impact on your decision.

Protect Yourself

When selecting a tree removal company, check to ensure it is protected by liability coverage and workers’ compensation insurance. Tree removal can be dangerous even for workers with years of experience. The last thing you want is for uninsured workers at your home.

A tree removal company that carries insurance coverage for itself and its workers demonstrates that it has taken the appropriate steps to ensure you will not be held liable or for any tree-cutting accidents that may occur on your property. It also ensures that, as a property owner, you would not legally liable if a worker is hurt while performing the job.

Get an Estimate

You should always request an estimate on the job and inquire about the charges for the work it is being asked to provide. Some services like stump grinding may cost extra, so it is best to ask if additional fees apply. Communicate with the company exactly what services you want.

Another factor to consider is whether the company has the equipment and the trained personnel required to perform the job. A contractor without access to a crane, for example, may not be able to do tree work above a certain height. It helps to inquire about the equipment the company uses.

Do your research and ask questions if you are seeking a tree removal company in Conyers. These steps will give you confidence as a property owner that you have the right service for the job.