How are trees and human hair similar? No, this isn’t a clever joke. It’s actually a fact! Trees, like the hair on your head, need to be trimmed regularly to ensure that they remain healthy and strong. Can you imagine how unruly and damaged your hair would be if you let it grow without cutting? It would be dry with lots of split ends. Trees are similar. Without the proper maintenance, your tree won’t thrive. To help you better understand the benefits of tree trimming, here are some things your tree service in Watkinsville wants you to know.

Improves the Tree’s Appearance

Trees don’t grow in a specific pattern or design. Depending on the amount of sun, water, and wind present, different branches will grow in different directions. Branches that aren’t pointing up vertically are typically weaker than other branches. By trimming back these misdirected branches, you’re allowing healthier limbs the nutrients and water they need to grow. Not only will your tree look healthier and less crowded after being pruned, but you’ll find that it’s stronger.

Less Risk of Damage

It’s completely normal for some of your tree’s branches to die. Weaker limbs don’t often get the water needed to form properly, and therefore die off quickly after forming. These dead branches need to be pruned immediately. Because dying branches aren’t receiving the moisture that they need to thrive, they’re often dry and brittle, meaning that they can break off at a moment’s notice. To ensure that your family and property are safe, trim these dead branches as soon as you can.

Trees that are untrimmed also run the risk of growing into powerlines. While some trees will be pruned by the city to ensure that a loss of power doesn’t occur, it’s often homeowners who are responsible for trimming back the branches on their property. If trees do become intertwined with powerlines, it can cause serious damage.

Prevent the Spread of Decay

If dead branches go untrimmed, they may begin to decay. If the decay is unchecked, it can spread to the rest of your tree. What was once a completely healthy tree begins to deteriorate, all because it wasn’t trimmed properly. Brittle, dry, and dead branches should be cut away from the tree immediately to prevent the spread of decay and ensure the longevity of your foliage.

Better Fruit Crop

Peach, apple, plum, pear, and other fruit trees can benefit greatly from regular pruning. Because each branch of the tree requires nutrients in order to grow, the fruit is often denied the water that could help it thrive. Plus, by trimming away a few of the branches, it allows more sunlight to hit the tree, allowing for better fruit to grow. To produce a larger quantity and better quality crop, prune your trees during the dormant season. Carefully remove a few branches during the late winter to ensure that your next harvest is more fruitful.

No matter what kinds of trees are growing on your property, the fact remains the same. Every tree needs to be trimmed from time to time. If you’re unsure of the best way to maintain your foliage, allow an expert tree removal company in Watkinsville to assist you. With their expertise, you’ll have healthier trees this next season.