Potential homebuyers aren’t buying trees, but mature, well-kept trees do increase the value of your property. That’s because trees instantly improve the curb appeal of your home, but they also offer practical benefits, such as shade in the backyard. But how does regular tree service increase the value of your home?

Regular Pruning Is Necessary

Trees need to be cared for just as any other plant in your yard. You may not have to water them once they mature, but they do have to be pruned on a regular basis to remain healthy and vibrant. Of course, proper pruning is more than randomly removing branches or removing branches that are too close to your building structures.

First, pruning needs to be done at the right time—fall or winter is best. Second, pruning, when done correctly, should thin the tree and allow more light to pass through it. To keep your trees healthy, it’s also important to remove all the dead wood. Proper pruning will result in a cleaner look, but it will also keep the tree strong and more resistant to winds and storms.

Insects Can Harm Your Trees

Insects are an important part of nature, but when they bore into the bark of your trees and weaken its structure, they are considered a pest. Hiring an arborist to inspect your trees on a regular basis ensures that insect problems are detected and treated early on, before it’s too late for the tree. Some infestations can be treated by spraying the bark of the tree, while others may require an injection into the trunk.

Newly planted trees need additional care and regular watering. To encourage proper growth and good structure, it’s especially important to get the pruning done right. But in some cases, a tree is beyond help, whether that’s because it has succumbed to disease or is simply located in an unfortunate spot on your property. In that case, you’ll want to hire a tree removal company in Conyers to take down the tree for you.