Tree removal

Trees look great on any property, but many homeowners do not realize how much work they require. If they are not cared for correctly, trees can become overgrown, diseased, and otherwise unhealthy. To control tree growth and keep your vegetation healthy, you will need to prune it regularly or hire a professional tree service company to do so. If you choose to do the trimming on your own, there are many different tools you can use to do so. Here are three of the most common.

Pruning Shears 

For small and skinny branches, you will want to use pruning shears. In general, they can be used to cut branches that are up to half an inch thick. There are also heavy-duty shears that can handle larger branches. This tool is simple to use as they function like scissors. Just position the blade of the shears at the spot where you want to cut. Then, squeeze your hands together to cut the branch. Though they are easy to use, you still must be careful not to cut yourself because the blades are very sharp.

Hand Saws

For larger branches, you will need to use a hand saw. This tool makes it easy to cut off thicker branches quickly. Hand saws are available in a few different sizes; the larger the saw, the larger the branch it can cut. Be sure to select a saw that is the right size for your needs. Also, make sure to brush up on safety protocols, so you don’t get hurt.


For very thick branches, you will need to use a chainsaw. These tools can be powered by electricity or gas. They are very powerful and quickly cut through very thick branches. They are also very dangerous. You should only use a chainsaw if you know how to do it safely. Usually, if a job requires a chainsaw, you should contact a professional. You can call a tree removal company in Lithonia to perform pruning services for the trees on your property.