Although the trees on your property are probably among your hardier plants, they still need occasional care to stay as strong and healthy as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by fertilizing your trees each year to make up for nutrients that they might not be getting from the soil. Along with regular watering and mulching, tree fertilizer in Watkinsville gives your trees the best chance at weathering harsh conditions.

Native Trees

Trees native to a given area are the best suited to survive there, despite harsh conditions. For this reason, these trees need less help from you in the way of extra water or fertilizer to survive. However, it’s important to realize that in nature, these tree roots would be covered with cast-off leaves and other plant materials. These types of materials break down and add nutrients to the soil while protecting the roots from heat and drought. If, like most homeowners, you clear away leaves and other debris from the base of your trees, you're robbing them of some of the nutrients they would naturally receive, and you’ll need to find other ways of replacing these nutrients.

How Fertilizer Helps

While fertilizing your tree isn’t guaranteed to prevent every problem, it does give your tree a number of important benefits:

·         Makes your tree healthier and better able to withstand disease, pests, and other damage

·         Gives your tree the nutrients it needs to survive the harsher summer and winter seasons

·         Helps your tree grow

·         Improves fruit crops

If you’re not sure whether or not your tree needs to be fertilized, you can always get the help of a tree care service in Watkinsville. They can look for signs that your trees aren’t getting the nutrients they need.

When to Fertilize

Ideally, most trees should be fertilized in the early spring, although some fertilizers are designed to work no matter when they’re applied. Check with your tree service in Watkinsville about the best time to fertilize, as well as the ideal type of fertilizer for your trees.