When there’s important work to be done around your house or yard, you want to make sure it’s done by a qualified professional. Unfortunately, too many people hire unlicensed contractors to complete vital repairs, and are unaware of the consequences until it’s too late.

Safety First

Unlicensed contractors may not carry the proper insurance necessary to protect you or their workers, and if they don’t, you could be left holding the bag. If a worker is injured on the job and the contractor lacks insurance, they could hold you responsible for a worker’s compensation claim. Licensing can also help you in the event of property damage due to your contractor’s actions. If an unlicensed or uninsured contractor negligence caused stairs to crumble or a sofa to fall through the floor, your homeowners’ insurance policy may not cover it.

Hiring an unlicensed contractor could also void your homeowners’ insurance policy entirely.

This is especially important if the work that’s being done is dangerous or risky in any way. For example, tree pruning can be a physically demanding job, and improper safety procedures put workers and homeowners at risk. Tree cutting in Loganville and elsewhere requires expensive safety equipment, and the misuse of such equipment could result in serious injury or even death. There are several licensed tree cutting services in Loganville; looking for one with the proper paperwork could save you a huge headache down the road.

Quality Guaranteed

One of the greatest risks to hiring an unlicensed contractor also means there’s no way to guarantee they finish their work. Whether it’s tree removal, pipe repair, or drywall installation, you want to make sure the job is completed. Licensing can help ensure that the contractor will do the work they’re required to do, and gives you recourse if they don’t.

Licensing also proves that the contractor has undergone necessary training and met industry standards. This demonstrates that the workers are appropriately trained and are qualified to do the work. A license also shows that the contractor is allowed to work in your area.

Proper licensing is a way for contractors to protect their workers and their clients—you. Make sure anyone you hire to work on your property has the necessary licenses and paperwork. It could prevent a tragedy from happening on your watch, and is the best way to safeguard your investments.