While trees can be a beautiful and beneficial addition to a home, large tree stumps can be a plague on a yard. Problems with rot, roots, and space can make a tree stump a pain to deal with, but fortunately there are professional services that make handling them a breeze. Read on to learn more about reasons you should remove that tree stump and consider professional tree stump removal.

Foundation and Sidewalk Damage

One of the main reasons we recommend having tree stumps removed rather than just letting them be is the damage the roots can cause. Root expansion can cause damage to sidewalks, the foundation of homes, and other structures. Even slight pushing on sidewalks and foundations can result in major problems, so it is best to get rid of the problem at its source.

Spread of Disease, Pests, and Insects

As tree stumps rot, that rot can be spread to other, healthy trees and plants. Additionally, insects and pests are often attracted to the rotting wood, and you then have to deal with termites, wasps, bees, hornets, beetles, ants, and other wood-boring pests invading other areas of your yard and home.

Also, trees can grow back if the stump is not fully removed, and dealing with the growth process and everything that comes with it can be a headache.

Tripping Hazards and Liability

In addition to the damage that tree stumps, expanding roots, and the rotting process can cause, tree stumps can also be a safety hazard. They present a major tripping hazard, and injuries often accompany their presence. To make matters worse, if another person (like a neighbor’s child) were to trip over a tree stump on someone else’s property, the homeowner would be liable for those injuries and damages.

Yard Space

Tree stumps take up unnecessary yard space. Where other landscaping could do, tree stumps create dead space instead. By clearing up the problem and freeing up the space, you can actually make the amount of your yard that is usable larger while increasing the value of your home.

Mower Damage

Maneuvering around a rotting tree stump is a pain while trying to mow and maintain a yard. Lawnmowers and their blades are often damaged by accidental run-ins with tree stumps, and un-mowed spots create eyesores in your yard that decrease its overall aesthetic appeal.

Common Removal Methods

While many different approaches are often used to try and remove unwanted tree stumps, common ones include digging out the stump, grinding the stump, burning the stump, and chemically removing the stump. Not all of these methods are recommended or safe, and it is always better to have a professional handle the situation.

When you have tree problems, a thorough assessment from a professional is recommended in order to ensure that the right steps are taken. Whether your yard needs simple maintenance or complete stump removal, having it done right the first time will save you time and money, it
will keep you from trying removal methods that are unwise or unsafe, and it will keep you from going through all the problems that are associated with tree stumps in yards.