Many homeowners do not think about trimming the trees on their property until they run into a problem. However, it is often better to trim or prune your trees before this happens. The perfect time to prune depends on the growth cycle of the specific type of tree. For most trees, though, winter is the perfect time to prune. These are a few of the reasons why you should consider hiring tree cutting services in Athens during the winter time.

Find, Remove, and Reduce Disease Risk

During the winter, trees are dormant, meaning their foliage is gone. Without leaves or other foliage, an expert can easily identify and get rid of any dangerous, diseased, or dead branches. This can prevent any disease from spreading throughout the tree and to other trees in the area. Plus, trees heal better when they are dormant before the foliage grows back.

Improved Tree Health

Dead branches on your tree can actually prevent your tree from growing to its full potential. It can also leave the tree open to pests and diseases. By hiring tree service in Athens to remove the dead limbs, you can prevent this damage and boost the overall health of the tree.

Better Growth

Trees can withstand harsher winter conditions after they’ve been trimmed. A professional pruning can help the tree to become bigger and stronger. Proper tree cutting in Athens will make your tree grow stronger roots, which results in an overall larger and stronger tree, more able to handle harsh winters.

Save Money

Because there are no leaves on the tree, it is easier for a professional to prepare for trimming. This means that the whole process will be faster and will cost you less money.


Strong winds, ice, and snow that come with the winter season can often cause weak and diseased branches to snap off the tree. This can be a hazard to your property and your family. Dead and weakened branches can be blown onto roofs, cars, and people. By trimming these limbs, you can reduce your liability from winter weather and limit the risk of damage.