When people think of tree removal service in Athens they often assume that such a service is only helpful for removing an unwanted tree. However, a tree removal company in Athens provides many more services beyond tree removal. This is because a quality tree removal company employs a certified arborist trained in assessing a tree and determining the best course of action. There are several scenarios where a tree removal company can help. Here's what you need to know.

Storm Damage

Unfortunately, there are instances when damage from a storm is too serious to make repair possible. Sometimes limb removal is adequate and in other cases entire tree removal is necessary. When tree damage occurs because of a storm there are often other dangerous circumstances like downed power lines to deal with. In this situation, it's best to leave the job to the professionals who are trained to take care of storm damaged trees in these types of conditions.

Disease Care

Trees often suffer from disease, insects, and parasites. In many cases a homeowner believes the tree has died and is a total loss only to learn from an arborist that the tree can be brought back to full health. Often this requires the removal of damaged limbs as well as sprays and injections to help the tree heal and to rid the tree of bugs and disease. Tree removal services can also help prevent disease and insect infestations using preventive treatments.


Improper pruning can not only prevent a tree from growing properly when not pruned enough, but too much pruning can actually damage the tree. It's important for a tree to be pruned at the right time of year and for any infected or dead limbs to be cut back to maximize the tree's health as well as its shape and beauty. Pruning by an arborist ensures the tree's overall health as well as safety throughout the process.


There are a few scenarios in which tree removal is the best option. Sometimes it may be that a tree on your property has become a liability because the roots are damaging the sewer system or a structure is being threatened by the tree. In other cases, a tree is too sick and must be removed. Sometimes the disadvantages of certain varieties of trees outweigh the benefits and removal is the best option. Whatever your reason for removing the tree, tree removal can be a dangerous job and requires the experience of a professional.


Tree removal services also offer tree planting services. These services can be very helpful because an arborist can give advice on tree varieties that work well in the local climate and in different locations of your yard. You can get the most out of your tree and maximize its growth when you consult an arborist who can assess the soil and light conditions to help you know the best location for the tree and its expected growth rate, shape, and size.

Additional Tree Care

Finally, you should consult a tree removal company for all tree care-related questions. These professionals have years of experience providing care for many types of trees. Not only can they make sure your trees are properly pruned, but they can also make sure it's fertilized properly. Even older trees can benefit from services like deep root fertilization to help rebuild the root structure of damaged trees.