Orchard trees bear a variety of beautiful and delicious fruits, and they can have gorgeous features as well, like white orange blossoms or the handsome red-brown bark of an apple tree. One thing they all have in common, though, is the fact that they all need to be attended to now and then, and not just in the manner of plucking their fruit. Orchard trees have an additional purpose beyond providing shade and beauty, so they require extra care in order to thrive and provide their delicious benefits to you.

These are the most common signs that you should hire professional tree cutting services in Athens to service your orchard tree.

  • Cracks in the Bark-- Cracked bark is a sign of an ill tree, especially if the lines are more than a few centimeters deep and expose the infection-prone inner bark of the tree. Professional arborists can diagnose and treat your trees.
  • Broken Branches-- The occasional fallen twig here and there is just fine, but if large branches have fallen after a storm, you need to have the tree protected from infection.
  • Mysterious Breaks-- When branches fall on their own, for no apparent reason, something sinister is attacking the tree. Fungi and termites are common causes of unexpected broken branches.
  • Twisting Limbs-- There's nothing wrong with a decorative tree twisting and wrapping its branches, but this prohibits an orchard tree from growing fruit. A professional tree trimmer can prune it for healthy, outward growth.
  • Dead Spots-- Do certain segments of the tree appear dead? Many people assume this is normal, especially on lower, shaded branches, but it isn't. Dead spots can spread until you're left with one big, dead tree.
  • Invasive Plants-- Fast-growing weeds, especially ones like sunflowers that grow vertically very quickly, can compete with your fruit trees for sunlight. A tree removal company can cut down large plants that are interfering with the plants you want to protect.
  • Bushy Growth--Trees aren't meant to growth densely with excessive greenery. This prevents necessary sunlight from penetrating to the trunk. Hire tree cutting services to clean up your trees so sunlight can allow inner branches to grow produce instead of just leaves.
  • Cankers-- Cankers can happen to trees, too. Tree cankers are sunken spots that are commonly caused by fungal infections or other diseases. These areas must be pruned immediately to prevent outbreak to other trees.
  • Wayward Growths-- Trees can grow in unusual ways to reach sunlight and moisture, including toward power lines and over your neighbor's fence. Pros can chop these growths off while they're young, before they get you into trouble.
  • Slow Growth-- If your trees seem to be growing far too slowly, or a certain specimen seems to be the runt of the orchard, pruning can direct healthy, tall, and fast growth. Competing lead branches or large, low limbs may be inhibiting your trees' best growth potential.
  • Death in the Family-- If even one tree in your orchard dies suddenly, you need to have it removed immediately. A contagious tree disease may have killed it, and professional tree grinding in Athens can prevent the disease from spreading throughout the orchard, eliminating the others.