You have invested time, money, and natural resources into your trees and shrubs, and for good reason. They give your property a sense of comfort and natural beauty that is unrivaled by other decorative features. It is important that you do all you can to protect these investments. Failure to do so can result in their declining health and loss of physical beauty.

That is why you should feed your trees and shrubs. It is recommended that you do so at least once per season to prevent malnourishment. Trees and shrubs can decline due to lack of nutrients, which they normally receive from the soil. Nourishing the soil itself gives them access to nutrients that will keep them looking green and lively. Flowering trees and shrubs will intensify in beauty and may even flower for a longer time if the plants are well-fed. So how should you give your trees and shrubs the proper diet? What are the benefits of doing so? Why should you hire experts in trimming trees in Dacula to feed your plant with deep root fertilization? Finally, why isn't simple surface fertilization enough? Read on to learn more.

About Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root feeding adds vital nutrients, including living micro-organisms, directly down into the roots of trees and shrubs. This tree service is not effective on grass or small shrubs because their roots are small and cling toward the surface of the soil. Deep-root plants like mature trees and large shrubs seek resources far beneath the surface. When they cannot find nutrients, their health declines. Deep root fertilization once per season ensures that your pines, hollies, and other plants with huge growth potential live up to that potential.

The Major Benefits

The benefits of deep root feeding are numerous, and include:

  • Prolonged lifespan of trees and shrubs
  • Money saved on tree trimming to remove dead limbs
  • Improved flowering
  • Faster root growth
  • Improved resistance to plant disease
  • Decreased vulnerability to pest activity
  • Ability to nourish trees planted in undesirable soil or locations
  • Improved resistance to bad weather

These are all the benefits that come from well-nourished trees. Just as your health would improve in numerous ways if you improved your diet, providing deep root fertilization to your trees and shrubs makes them more nutrient-rich and healthier overall.

The Process

Deep root fertilization does not require digging up your plants or unearthing their deepest roots. It is a fast and simple tree care service. A simple liquid formula—a specialized liquid fertilizer meant to address local soil concerns—is injected deep underground into the soil that surrounds large plants. While surface fertilizers only feed the grass and other shallow-rooted plants, liquid fertilizer directs nutrients straight down to the mature roots of large plants. Surface fertilizers take a long time to nourish deep within the soil, but deep root fertilization immediately nourishes plants. It is recommended that this be performed once per season, but fall is the best time to hire a tree trimmer or other tree expert to perform fertilization. Experts on trimming trees in Dacula can quickly and affordably give your trees a much-needed health boost.