Cutting or trimming trees is very common, and it’s something that most homeowners have to deal with regularly. Tree trimming and tree cutting are very important for many reasons. Here are some of the most beneficial reasons we suggest for trimming or cutting trees.

Dead Branches or Roots

One of the most popular reasons for cutting or trimming a tree is to remove old or dead areas of the tree, or to cut a dead tree out altogether. Keeping a dead tree around the yard only takes up yard real estate, and it can even become a gathering place for a bug or insect infestation. If a tree dies because of a disease or illness, it should be removed before it is spread to other plants in the yard. This is also true for trees that may have just a few branches that are dead or sick. These branches can spread the illness to the rest of the tree, so they should be removed as soon as possible.

Tree Growth

Cutting off dead or dying branches can encourage tree growth. Trimming trees can also encourage a lot of new buds and branches to grow on a tree. We recommend that at the end of each season, trees are assessed for any possible problems and are then cut or trimmed depending on their needs. Trimming down trees can also reduce excessive growth in trees that may be growing too fast, or in only one direction.

Avoid Power Problems

The most common reason we find for tree cutting is that a tree is encroaching on a power line. Large trees can easily cause power outages or other power problems, so it’s important to make sure they are out of the way of power lines.

Expensive Damage

Large trees can be beautiful, but they can also cause a lot of expensive damage. Large trees that are close to a house have the possibility of falling on the roof of the home during a natural disaster, such as a tornado. Large trees can also fall on power lines, cars, or other items that are expensive to fix or replace. The best option is to prevent these trees from causing damage before a natural disaster occurs, by cutting down large and potentially dangerous trees.


We understand that some people don’t like the way large trees look. This is especially common in those who purchase a new house and want to change the landscaping. Cutting down or removing these large trees usually takes a professional, especially if the tree has large roots or a wide trunk. Some people also trim their trees because they want them to look a specific way. The shape of the tree can be very much altered by trimming certain branches.

Tree trimming and cutting can be very important, and can potentially help avoid a lot of problems. Cutting down or removing trees that could cause damage during a natural disaster, or trimming trees that are encroaching on power lines is essential. A lot of tree trimming or cutting is also done to avoid the spread of disease, or to change the way a tree looks. No matter what the reason for tree trimming or cutting, it’s important to call a professional company for help with large jobs.