In comparison to removing a tree stump, cutting down a tree is actually pretty straightforward, which is why tree stump removal is almost never included in the cost of tree removal. This also goes a long way in explaining why so many people have stumps in their yards because stump removal isn’t easy to do. Of course, you can get the job done far easier and more rapidly if you use the right methods or simply hire an  affordable tree service company to perform stump removal in Conyers for you. If you choose to do the work yourself, there are a few practical options available, though if you’re faced with a fairly large stump, think about calling in a professional stump grinding service company. There are four methods to consider for the do-it-yourself homeownerdig it up, grind it, burn it, or use chemical stump removers.


This is truly the manual method for removing stumps and can take as much as two weeks to complete. The primary tools that you will need are a shovel and ax since this is a very labor intensive way to remove a stump. Due to the intensity of work necessary, this method should only be considered when you’re dealing with a fairly small tree stump or an older, diseased tree stump. When the roots appear to be very large and quite deep and difficult to uncover, you might want to consider another method to remove the stump, since the digging method only works best when you can uncover the roots nearly to their tips.


For this method, you will need to locate a stump grinder, which is a machine that automatically grinds up a stump and its root systems to a depth of about one foot below the ground. Most hardware stores or machine rental houses rent stump grinders by the day. However, if you prefer not to operate the machine by yourself, you can always hire someone with a stump grinder to come to your home and do the work for you. Of course, this is a method that should only be considered by a mechanically inclined person.


Rather than trying methods that might break your wallet or possibly break your back, another method you could try is to remove the stump by burning it. Before doing so, however, it’s best to find out if it is legal to do so in your town since many cities have restrictions about lighting open fires, especially if you are in a drought-stricken area. So, before you begin, you can try calling your local fire department to check to see if you can burn your stump. If so, you will need to build a fire on top of the stump—to do this it will come in handy to use the chopped-up remains of the tree you just had cut down as your fuel. You will lay out some of the wood on top of the stump and use the remainder of the wood to surround the stump so that the stump will be in the center of the fire. You will need to keep your fire burning until the stump burns to the ground, after which you will use a shovel to get rid of the ash.


One other method you can try is the chemical route. For this, you will need a drill and some potassium nitrate. You will use the drill to put a series of evenly spaced holes into the top of the stump through which you will pour the potassium nitrate, which reacts with the wood to soften it and to force it to rot more quickly than it would otherwise.