An arborist is a professional who has experience in planting and maintaining trees. This involves many intricate aspects such as trimming and fertilizing it to halt the spread of disease. There are some qualities to look for that separate a mediocre arborist to the exceptional one.

Genuine Passion for Trees

Perhaps the most important quality needed for an arborist is a genuine appreciation of what they do. An arborist must appreciate the fact that the existence of trees outlasts human lives; only when he truly appreciates the simple things can he make well-thought decisions on tree removals. A great arborist will also understand the immense value that trees provide to our natural environment. He will be dedicated to preserving them and this could be done through its own project.

Knowledge and Skill

An arborist must possess the specific knowledge and skills required for the job. He must have the full training and experience required to be able to do the job at an exceptional level. Additionally, he needs to have all the tools at his disposal to tackle any tree-related task that may come his way. This could include working for a tree removal company in Lilburn, GA, where tough decisions may have to be made.

Excellent Interpersonal Skills

An arborist cannot only focus on trees; arborists must be excellent communicators if they are to find success in their fields. They have to take in people's concerns about trees and let them know exactly what needs to be done in sufficient detail. Sometimes conflicts can arise about things like the tree removal cost in Lilburn and he will need to be ready to solve these disputes if he is to move forward with his project.

Experience in the field

This field of work is very demanding and requires a lot of practice to properly master and understand. These skills can only be gained through patient, disciplined work, and a great arborist will put in that time and build a few years of experience in the field. In this time, he will have greatly developed his knowledge and skillset. These experiences could involve working for anyone, even a tree removal service in Lilburn.


There are institutions that recognize the work of arborists. Having certifications from these institutions or from other government-approved authorities is an excellent sign that an arborist has more than adequate training. It shows he is very confident in his work and can complete it at an excellent professional standard. Certifications are the easiest way to check that an arborist can handle the job at hand. They're not given out lightly and are only awarded to those who have shown they can truly excel in the field.

Hunger to Improve

This field is constantly changing and adapting as new developments come to light. A great arborist doesn't just accept his own progress, but rather makes it his mission to continue learning more every day and staying updated when it comes to the best and newest practices in his field. He strives to get further qualifications and truly immerses himself in his work.

Arborists in Lilburn that specialize in tree removal and other tree services will possess all the skills mentioned above. It is truly one of the most unique and challenging professions in the world. It takes a special kind of person to be an arborist and, through noting some of these traits, you may be able to pick from the best among them.