Trees are an important part of earth’s ecology, as well as a lovely part of any picturesque landscape. If you have trees on property that you own, chances are you’re aware that they require a level of maintenance. Fortunately, there are many ways to professionally take care of trees in the modern age. This infographic outlines several different types of services you might have to look into at some point to properly care for or remove trees from your property.

For trees that just need a bit of a facelift, tree pruning and trimming is a great option. Especially in well-maintained areas, you’ll want to make sure that the appearance of the trees you own are up to par. Ridding the tree of dead branches is both good for the tree, and pleasing to the eye.

Sometimes a tree is still alive but has significant dead spots within it. Some professionals are able to do what is called “tree surgery.” This occurs when the internal dead parts are cut out to let the rest of the tree continue to flourish. If the tree is past the point of no return, considering tree removal might be the last service available for the poor thing. Tree services also include planting and fertilizing.

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