Gardening can be rewarding, or it can be maddening. Often diseases will strike suddenly or plants will die unexpectedly, leaving you mystified and frustrated. However, gardening issues can be easily prevented with proper care and attention. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your garden healthy and beautiful.

Check the Plants You Buy

Preventing problems in your garden starts at the store. When selecting new plants, make sure to buy the proper ones for your space. If it’s a sunny spot, don’t buy plants that would be better off in the shade. If you’re thinking of buying something, make sure to check over the leaves and the roots for disease. The roots shouldn’t be dark or mushy, and insects are a bad sign. If you can, look for plants that are disease-resistant. If you buy the right kinds of plants, and make sure that you aren’t introducing any diseases from the beginning, you’re off to a good start for keeping a healthy garden.

Clean the Garden before Spring

It’s a good idea to clean up the garden in the fall or winter so that it’s ready to go in the spring, even in a city like Monroe, GA, where winter can be light. This would mean getting rid of limbs that aren’t doing well, cutting away leaves that are unhealthy or diseased, and clearing away fallen leaves and stems. This will improve the aesthetic of the garden and the overall health.

Be Careful with Fertilizer

Fertilizer can be a blessing, but used improperly, it can do more harm than good. Using too much fertilizer can damage the roots and make plants more susceptible to disease. A soil test can be beneficial to understand how the garden is doing. It will give you feedback on the health of the garden and you can ensure that you aren’t doing damage with the fertilizer.

Water Plants Correctly

Watering plants is essential, but it can often do harm if not done correctly. Too much water can damage roots and make it easier for diseases to spread. The best method is to water plants in a way that if possible, keeps the foliage dry and gets the water directly into the soil. This way, you aren’t wetting the leaves and the roots get good amounts of water.

Get a Diagnosis

If you have problems with trees in your garden, contact a tree care service in Monroe. Unlike with smaller plants, a diseased tree can cause real damage if it falls and can be much more difficult to deal with. A professional service can help with diagnosing diseases, emergency tree removal, or stump removal.