Tree removal in Athens should not be a DIY project. We have seen many such situations go terribly wrong when homeowners try to handle the removal of trees, roots, and stumps on their own. If you want the job done right, have professionals do it for you. There are many reasons for this, and the following list explains just some of the main ones.

It Is Dangerous Work

Tree removal involves a lot more than just picking a large weed. Sadly, a lot of people seem to think that if they can safely remove small bushes and plants, then a tree is similarly easy, but it’s not. There are some very dangerous aspects of this work, and people get injured every year trying to handle it without professional help.

It Requires Specialized Equipment

There are very few households out there that have the proper tree removal equipment just hanging around their house. Suffice it to say that this work requires far more than a shovel and a chain saw. Calling the professionals means gaining access to the right heavy equipment to do the job quickly and without causing any undue property damage.

Causes Property Damage

Even if you don't harm yourself, you could harm your belongings. We have come to the aid when homeowners have damaged their trucks, shovels, sprinkler lines, and sidewalks. Trying to do this job without proper help can result in a lot of needless property damage. We have seen many would-be DIY cases turn into situations where we handle the tree removal, and offer suggestions for other professionals to repair the damage that ensued because of the DIY efforts.

Doesn't Handle Disposal

Even if you can fully and safely remove the unwanted tree from your property, you are then left with the task of figuring out what to do with the tree. Some people chop it for firewood, but if you do not have a wood-burning fireplace, then there is very little use or space for that much wood. Part of our services as professional tree removers is to dispose of the trees we remove. This takes the burden off you.

Takes a Long Time

With our years of experience and our arsenal of professional products and tools, we can quickly remove your unwanted trees, clean up our mess, and be on our way. Trying to handle this kind of work on your own can carve out days and possibly weeks of your time. That is no exaggeration, especially if the tree is mature, and if more than one tree needs to be removed.

A lot of our clientele came to us after DIY tree-removing efforts went awry. If you have trees or stumps that need to be removed from your property, then there is no reason for you to follow the same path. Get professional help from the start and get the job done right.