From time to time, homeowners may suffer the loss of one or more trees after a severe storm. Any tree removal or tree grinding in Monroe almost always leaves behind a stump that needs to be removed using equipment designed just for that purpose called a stump grinder. You might ask, why not leave the stump there and avoid having to get professional help for stump grinding in Monroe? There are a number of reasons to get help, some of which are aesthetic and some of which can be more serious. Let’s look at a few of these.

Not Pretty to Look At

Stumps simply aren't pretty to look at, especially if you want your garden to look appealing. If you're fussy about your yard, removing the stump is well worth it. Stump grinding is fairly inexpensive and it can make a big difference in the appearance of your garden, particularly if you are looking to sell your home and want it to have good “curb appeal” to potential buyers.

Not Easy to Spot

Stumps are usually small and not easy to spot and can be dangerous to those who may stumble upon it. Children playing in your yard can miss it and could trip over it. Of course, if a neighbor trips over it, you could end up in court or be sued. Finally, those stumps can damage your lawn mower if you don’t to see one and accidentally run into it while mowing the lawn

Not Good for Plants

Leaving a stump will cause new tree growth and new sprouts to come from it, all of which can grow into a number of little trees growing around the base. This is not only unsightly. These shoots also have a tendency to keep sprouting back and can be expensive to remove. Each of these tiny trees also take nutrients from other plants close to them and damage them in the long run.

Simply Annoying  

Stumps are an annoyance to mow around—every time you mow, you’re going to need to work around the stump. You won’t be able to mow close to the stump, so that means using a hedger to cut the grass that grows around it.

Attracts Insects

Did you know that stumps attract insects?  Stumps that are left in your lawn take a long time to decay and rot away. While that occurs over the years, the stump attracts all sorts of insects such as wood borers, termites, and other pests. Eventually, these pests will find their way into your home.

Takes Up Space

If you don't have a big yard, the stump can occupy a large portion of valuable garden space. Rather than a flowerbed or vegetable garden, you’ll have this ugly stump sitting in your yard. There’s no reason that it should take up valuable room in your yard, especially if you have a small lot.