With the extreme weather conditions over the past year, there’s tons of people wondering what to do with the stumps from fallen trees. You’ve had all of the destruction removed, now what do you do with what’s left? Regardless if it’s a fresh stump or it’s been there for years, it’s important to know what tree grinding is and why you should consider it. Tree or stump grinding is the act of using a stump grinder to cut the remaining part of the tree into tiny pieces, which sometimes can be reused as a type of ground cover. Once the stump has been grounded down to just below the surface, the remaining space is covered with dirt or sod. Over time, the roots of the tree that remain will eventually die and settle into the earth. Below are the reasons why this technique is so important. 


Tree stumps aren’t pretty. That’s an obvious point, but it goes beyond just an uneven block of wood in an undesirable place in the yard. Even though they’re decaying, tree stumps can promote growth near it, so other trees can grow on and around the stump. Basically, it goes from bad to worse. If you don’t remove the stump, it has the potential of morphing into something even more unsightly. This could also make it more difficult to remove as well. It’s important that you don’t wait too long before removal. 


While a stump sits and decays, it can attract a number of different insects. If you’ve ever dealt with a termite problem, you know that a big piece of dying wood in the yard is like putting out a welcome sign for these critters to invade your home. Not only termites, but ants and other insects will figure out a way to squirm their way into the stump. Removing the stump completely will prevent this infestation from adding further damage to your yard or home. 


This may seem like common sense, but unfortunately, there are way too many injuries that happen every year due to these stumps. Stumps that are camouflaged by grass or ground cover can be a hazard. If your stump is located near an area where people walk or children play, it can be more risky than you think. You can also accidentally mow over a stump, which is not only dangerous but it can end up costing you tons of money in repairs. Save yourself the aggravation and the cash and find a professional service that handles tree grinding in Monroe