The simplest definition for an arborist is “tree surgeon,” but arborists do a whole lot more than just diagnose and treat trees. They are specialists in caring for trees, including diagnosing and treating tree diseases. Here are some things that you might not have known about arborists, including why you should call one immediately when you need emergency tree service.

Emergency Tree Service

Your tree does a lot of things for your property. Not only can well-groomed trees boost your home’s value, but they can also provide shade or bear fruit. However, when not taken care of properly, a tree can be more susceptible to damage and can even pose a health and safety hazard to your family and property. In this case, an arborist will need to be called to help. Here are some situations where an arborist is the best person to call:

  • If you have a limb on your tree that has started to crack or is deteriorating to the point where it is about to fall, call an arborist to come remove the branch safely before it causes any harm.
  • Trees that are growing into power lines or utility poles are extremely dangerous. An arborist can help you decide whether the tree just needs to be pruned or trimmed back, or if the growth is such that the whole tree will need to be removed.
  • Diseased trees are weaker and can introduce other pests to your property. If you suspect that your tree has a disease and aren’t sure of how to treat it, contact an arborist for guidance.

However, there may be times when you will want to call an arborist even though it’s not an emergency. Arborists are the best people to call anytime you have questions about your trees, or need any of the following services performed:

Pruning Large Trees

It is easier for homeowners to trim the leaves and branches of smaller trees, but for large trees, it is best to call a professional to help. Pruning large trees will require additional equipment to get the job done efficiently and without further damage to the tree or personal injury to you. Pruning trees is a bit more complicated than just reshaping it. Over-pruning or under-pruning a tree can be detrimental to the health of the tree and should only be approached by an experienced professional. 

Removing a Tree

It isn’t always clear when a tree needs to be removed. It is also almost always easier and preferable to diagnose and treat an existing tree than it is to remove one, so call an arborist to come tell you what the most practical course of action would be. Sometimes sick trees can be saved, but sometimes they will spread disease to other trees or damage your property. If your tree needs to come down, then an arborist will need to come take care of it, since felling a tree yourself is very dangerous.

Planting New Trees

Not all trees are the same or do well in the same environments. An arborist is the best person to call anytime you are thinking about planting a new tree since they can give you guidance about the pros and cons of each type you are considering.

A tree service in Athens isn’t always called out only in the event of an emergency. If you need to take care of your existing trees or are thinking about planting a new one, an emergency tree service in Athens can help with that as well.