Gazing out onto a freshly manicured lawn is very satisfying. Without question, a property that is well maintained has higher value plus it instills a collective feeling of jealousy from the neighbors. But, there’s more to the appearance of a home than just newly cut grass and fresh flowers. Regularly trimming your trees has many benefits to you, your home, and your trees. 


First, the best way to persuade someone to trim their trees is safety. There could be hazardous areas all around your home if you let this go too long. With extreme weather conditions, overgrown branches can fall unexpectedly not only on you or a neighbor, but cars, roofs, and windows. This can be both dangerous and expensive. To prevent heavy damage, trimming trees often can keep you, your family, and your property safe. 

Tree Growth & Health

Many people don’t realize that when a tree is routinely pruned, the structure becomes stronger and healthier. Frequent trimming promotes growth and can help the tree to withstand intense winds or rain. If the weight of the tree is properly balanced, it can help stabilize the entire framework. Pruning can also help to keep disease away from trees and help increase fruit production. Basically, if you want an overall healthy, growing tree, schedule regular cuts. 


Again, there’s a huge difference in the aesthetics of trees that cast a perfectly maintained silhouette verses overgrown or decaying trees. There’s an art to trimming that encourages growth and can help you control the shape of the tree. By monitoring the trees weight distribution and direction of growth with each trim, you can mold the entire look of your landscape to fit your home and garden. Just be sure to be cautious when attempting to trim larger trees. It’s smart to consult professionals trimming trees in Watkinsville and find the right service to help you stick to a regular pruning schedule.