With winter coming, it’s time to prepare for cold weather, ice, and maybe even a little bit of snow. While you might be busy trimming a tree or making a list of gifts, don’t forget to think about your trees. Trees are often neglected during the cold season simply because they’re dormant. Many people don’t realize that most tree maintenance should be performed during the winter to reduce hazards and ensure their health throughout the rest of the year. To help your trees thrive, here is a basic winter tree checklist from your tree care service in Monroe.

Prepare Your Trees for the Weather

Severe ice and windstorms are common during the winter. If you’re not prepared, they can wreak havoc on your home and your yard. Prepare your trees for these severe storms by trimming back any branches that are located above your home, sidewalk, or electric cables. If trimming them would leave your tree looking bare or lopsided, you can brace them or use a cable to secure them. No matter how you choose to do it, it’s important to take the proper steps now. By securing overhead limbs, you reduce the chance of them falling and causing property damage.

Plan to Prune

The winter season is the best time to prune your trees. During the fall and winter, trees fall dormant. This means that they’re not actively growing. It’s best to prune trees during this dormant season as it won’t shock them or cause any issues. Prune back any diseased or damaged branches that you see. Then, cut back any branches that aren’t growing upwards. As a rule of thumb, don’t trim more than a third of the tree’s crown or branches to keep it healthy and thriving.

Keep an Eye on the Ice

If an ice storm occurs, keep an eye on your trees. The added weight could prove problematic for certain branches. While ice could weigh down your tree, don’t ever attempt to shake off the ice surrounding a branch. When ice has surrounded a branch, it could mean that the limb is brittle. Shaking it could break it off completely. Instead, only remove branches that have been damaged by the ice. Leave the other limbs be, but keep a close eye on them.

Feed Your Tree

Before the cold really sets in, provide nourishment to your trees to last them through the season. Mulch, hydration, and fertilization are an important way to keep your trees healthy and happy, no matter the season. Keep up with your regular fertilization schedule throughout the year and your trees won’t have a problem once the temperature drops.

Enlist the Help of a Professional

If you’re not sure how to handle winter tree preparation, don’t! Instead, leave it to the professionals. A professional tree maintenance company will understand how to prune, nourish, and treat your trees throughout the winter. You won’t have to worry about ice, salt, or pests with their help and expertise. You can rest assured that your trees will thrive during the cold season and be healthy once spring sets in.

Whether you choose to handle your tree trimming in Monroe on your own, or you enlist the help of an expert, now is the time to start preparing your trees for winter. With the proper care and handling, your trees will remain healthy all season long.