Tree Stump

If you own a house with a yard and you have some trees to get rid of, you have a few options. You could have it cut down or dug up, or you could look into stump grinding in Monroe. If you have the expertise and equipment needed, you can always do it yourself, but felling trees is a tricky business, and it’s difficult to control the direction in which the tree will fall, so most people take the safer option and hire professionals. Unfortunately, if you cut down a tree, it will still pose some danger to you and your yard, so it’s better to remove it or grind it down for several reasons.

Danger to People

The most important reason to remove tree stumps is for personal safety. While most adults don’t trip over tree stumps most of the time, accidents can happen, especially if you’re walking through your yard in the dark. If you have children playing in your yard, though, the risks increase. Children enjoy running around outside, and it’s easy for them to get carried away and not pay attention to their surroundings. Finding a tree service in Monroe to remove your stumps can help keep your whole family a little bit safer.

Danger to Belongings

Mowers are especially at risk where tree stumps are concerned. If you forget about a stump and try to mow over that area, you could damage various parts of the mower, the blades being the most commonly affected. Some people who park on their lawn have run into trouble by backing their cars into tree stumps as well. This damage can cost you more money in the long run than if you had paid a tree care service in Monroe to remove the stump in the first place.

Hidden Dangers

Even if you and your family are always aware of your tree stumps and take care to avoid them, they can still cause problems for you if you don’t get stump grinding in Monroe. As the stump decays, it will attract insects that can spread throughout your yard and even into your home if you’re not careful.