Healthy Summer Tree

As the spring rolls around and people start to work on their outside projects, you might’ve given some thought to your own yard. Now is the perfect time to get your trees ready for summer, since it’s warm enough to be outside but not too hot yet. However, there are a few points to consider before you begin.


If you’re planting new trees for shade, you should check with a tree service in Athens to find options that can be supported by your climate and your soil. If you can, think about planting a group of trees. This will help you block both the sun and the wind a little bit better. Though you may want to work on trimming trees in Athens when you're done, you should avoid trimming them too much when they're still young. You may have to stake your trees at first until they can establish themselves.


In order to know how much to water your trees, you should find out how well your soil holds water. The best way to do this is to get a soil probe at a local nursery and then follow the directions. Of course, you want to make sure the tree gets enough water, but you may not realize that it’s possible to over-water the tree, so you should pay attention to that.


Before you hire a tree trimmer in Athens, you should get a clear idea of what needs to happen. If you have trees that are old enough to warrant pruning, you should have them inspected every spring. Trimming trees in Athens helps keep them healthy by removing damaged branches and channeling the nutrients to the healthy branches only. It can also help you in your quest for more shade, since you’ll be encouraging the growth of those branches in particular. You don’t just have to trim all your branches, though. You can cable or brace some of the weaker ones to help them withstand harsher storms.