Tree topping isn’t usually recommended because it can leave a tree more vulnerable to falling. In some cases, tree topping is necessary to cut a tree short. That’s usually the case when the tree is growing into the power lines above or posing a danger to your home or other property. Unfortunately, if you take a DIY approach, you may end up with even bigger problems. If not done correctly, tree topping can lead to property damage, injuries, and undesirable regrowth.

Fallen Branches

Cutting a tree isn’t difficult. The hard part is not to let any branches fall where they shouldn’t. If you’re not familiar with cutting trees, it’s difficult to estimate where a branch will land when you take a saw to it. If you don’t have a lot of space around you, there’s a risk that the branch will damage your fence, car, or other personal property. This can be costlier than hiring someone to get the job done for you.


Tree service specialists have one of the most dangerous jobs you can find. Cutting down tall trees may be even more dangerous than working on a roof. You have to understand how much weight a certain branch can support and be careful to cut in the right places. Getting scratched by branches and twigs is the least of your worries. Therefore, it might be a good idea to hire a specialist to prevent more serious injuries, such as major cuts or falls.


The goal of tree topping in Dracula is to keep the tree at a safe height where it doesn’t affect power lines. What you may not know is that trees grow from the top. If you cut down a tree, it will strive to seal those wounds and re-grow as soon as it can. You may notice dangerous branches sprouting in many different places after topping a tree yourself. On the other hand, a professional will cut the tree to grow in a direction that can be supported by the surrounding environment.