Why Choose Us for Tree Removal and Recycle Service?

North American Tree Service is a strong and professional team of five crews and 30 employees. Our trained and insured crews work in perfect tandem with our ISA certified arborists who are well equipped to handle trees of any size and can work in tight spaces. Our friendly staff and storm damage experts are ready to provide 24 hour emergency tree service in case of emergencies in Loganville, GA and in all of our services area, including the following:

Being a reliable tree removal contractor we also offer low impact tree removal services.

Eco Friendly

We recycle every tree we cut into premium landscape mulch, nothing goes to the landfill. We have grown our mulch business not only to produce a high quality product from our waste wood but for many other tree services as well. We are committed to environmental preservation and our efforts have kept thousands of cubic yards of green waste out of our landfills here in Walton County.

We are also experimenting with battery powered chainsaws for pruning and small removals. Technology is advancing rapidly and the power requirements and battery life are becoming more attractive.

We made a purchase of two new tier 4 diesel chippers this and will be replacing older chippers by year end. Tier 4 burns cleaner and reduces the negative effect from emissions by added filtration of exhaust fumes. While it is more expensive to purchase a tier four, the added benefit of cleaner air is worth the investment.

We are a Green Company recycling everything we take in and selling it in colored mulch or boiler fuel for power generation made from those elements. Visit our recycling site.