A tree stump is an eyesore. Worse than that, it's unsafe. Tree stumps can harbor pests and disease, and wreak havoc with lawn-care equipment. If you have a stump on your property you want to get rid of, it's unlikely you have the skills and equipment necessary to do the job. For tree stump removal in Athens, you might want to consider hiring an arborist. Here are some reasons why.

Better Now Than Later

Tree stumps are not to be taken lightly. Besides the fact that they're not aesthetically pleasing, trunks can promote the infestation of termites and other pests, as well as fungi, which can spread to other trees and plants in your yard. Also, sprouts and waterspouts can grow from the edges of trunks. Growing up to six feet per year, they must be constantly cut back or risk establishing a root network which can result in waterspouts popping up in the middle of your lawn.

The Work Is Dangerous

It's unlikely you have a stump grinder on hand. It's also unlikely you're familiar with how to use one. That's why it's best to call in a professional. Arborists have the equipment necessary to remove unsightly tree stumps from your yard. They also have the experience and the safety equipment to do so in a safe and timely manner. It wouldn't make any sense to risk injury or damage to your property by taking on the job of stump removal yourself, nor would it be wise to trust it to a friend. Only a properly trained arborist with the right equipment should take on a job as risky as stump grinding.

The Safest Option for Your Yard

Left alone, stumps are dangerous. They spread disease, pests, and invasive plants that can do significant damage to your property. They're also ugly, and can cause accidents when guests or their children trip over them. Grounding out a stump removes this unsightly hazard without interfering with the surrounding plants, leaving the soil and nearby areas unharmed.

When you're ready to remove your yard's stump via stump grinding, Athens has several skilled arborists available you can call upon to help you out.