Your Local Tree Service in Lithonia

To us at North American Tree Service, taking care of trees is more than just a business. It is a way of living and it is our passion!

We know and understand that trees are not only beautiful, but practical and necessary and an important part of this world we live in. That’s why we are a full service tree removal and tree care company. Our tree services are not only designed to meet your needs, but the needs of the trees and the landscape itself.


Trees and shrubs of all kinds add a beautiful aesthetic to your landscape. This is why it is especially sad to see a tree struggle for life due to a disease or inadequate care. A tree’s beauty and vibrancy is a sign of its health. Most issues with diseases, pests, watering, and sunlight can be prevented or at least addressed. Our expert arborists meet all of a tree’s needs so the tree itself is watered, sunned, pruned, and a beautiful asset on your property.

We also remove or transplant trees to assist with the overall aesthetic of your property. With our help, your trees can benefit the health and beauty of your entire landscape.


Trees are such a valuable asset to a property because they provide beauty while meeting practical needs. We have helped homeowners and business owners alike to use trees to block disturbances. If you have pesky neighbors, too much noise from a nearby street, or too much street light filtering onto your property, well-placed trees can help to take care of all of those issues.

We can help ensure your trees provide privacy, shade, and even fruit, if that’s your desire! Trees should also be a safe feature. If you have any trees that are pushing up sidewalks or interfering with power lines, call us. We can provide tree cutting or eco-friendly tree removal. Contact us today for help with all of your tree questions!