5 Unique Ways to Dispose of your Christmas Tree

Christmas is right around the corner and as much as we all hate it, the Christmas decor has to go. Now if your anything like us and prefer your Christmas trees real, you never know what to do with your tree after Christmas! We have come up with a couple of very useful Ideas to help.

  1. Cut the trunk into coasters - Safety is always first in our book so if you haven’t ever operated a chainsaw, please don’t hesitation to come by our office and we can cut it for you. We are located at 2601 Ivory Road Loganville, Ga 30052. On the other hand, if you or someone you know is familiar with how to work a chainsaw, start by taking all the branches off. Make sure you cut them as close to the trunk as possible, as you don’t want big stubs hanging off the sides of your coasters. Finally, just slice the trunk in very small, thin coasters, spray with a polyurethane to finish and let dry. Walla!


2. Use the pine needles as mulch - Mulch is the #1 way to keep your garden plants & soil happy year round. You can simply peel the needles directly off the branches of you Christmas tree and apply them straight on top of the soil to provide an Eco-friendly upgrade to your garden beds!

3. Use the twigs as stakes - Who has the time or the money to afford stakes for your veggie garden year after year? We have all been guilty of using common household items to hold up things such as beans or tomatoes. This is no different! Simply peel the needles off of the branches and use them as stakes for any of your plants that need it! Simple, yet effective!

4. Have a bonfire - What better way to have an after Christmas get together than a bonfire? Everyone can bring their tree, throw it in the pit to toast to a new year! Just be sure this is only kept outdoor, as the branches of a Christmas tree are a little too flame frisky to have in an indoor fireplace.

5. DIY wreath - Finally, you can take the cuttings off of the tree and use them to wrap around a wreath or as home decor around small items on shelves. If you buy the wreath base and just get some wire at the hobby shop, you can take the cuttings and simply attach them to the wreath. Add a couple of bows or other trimmings and there is a cheap alternative to buying those 30$ wreaths!

Or, you could bring it to our office December 26th - 29th and we will recycle it for you for FREE!

We are located at 2601 Ivory Road Loganville, Ga 30052

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