Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is not a neccesary procedure but alot of our customers hate looking at the remains of the tree we removed. We have a stump grinding team that follows after the tree crew and grinds down the rest of the stump including all the surfaced roots. Keep in mind, if you opt out of getting the stump mulch removed, it will leave a bit of a mess. However, that mess left over from the stump works wonders for gardens! All natural ground up wood chips with no dye, no additives and freshly ground, your garden will love you! Packed full of nutrients and organic compost material, this is great for flower beds or even around the tree bases. Just remember not to make it too thick, especially around the trees, as this could do more harm than good. We recommend no more than 3 inches deep. If the natural mulch look isn’t for you, we also sell double ground premium landscaping mulches directly from our shop! We also deliver, for more information give us a call today! (770)-554-9406