How to Get Rid of Sweetgum Droppings For Good!


In fall, all we want to do is be barefoot in our yards, lay back and enjoy the sunshine and cool weather. However, if you have sweet gum trees in your yard, think again! These beautiful trees come with quite the drawback. Every fall they drop a heavy amount of spiky balls all over your lawn. But wait! That’s not all, they also continue dropping these pesky things over fall and winter up until early spring when the new leaf growth emerges. These spiky nuisances will tear up your lawn mower, resulting in having to pick them up by hand, ouch!

But we can help!

At North American Tree Service, we have certified Arborists and technicians that can bring certain types of growth regulating sprays, one of which is called Ethephon, to the Snellville and surrounding areas to take the burden off of your shoulders! Growth regulating sprays have a few extra benefits listed below:

  • Non-Damaging to Trees

  • Stress Protection

  • Drought Assistance

  • Disease & Insect Protection

  • Leaf Enhancement

  • Growth Reduction

The specific application that we use to apply to sweet gum trees must be applied in a very short window, otherwise will not work. These injections need to be made just before it flowers in spring. This gives our Arborist’s about a week time frame to get the application on to prevent the balls from dropping all year. When choosing a professional tree service, make sure they have ISA Certified Arborist’s on staff to assist you. Tree health care and pesticides must be monitored very closely and performed at the perfect time, as the wrong application or too much of the right one can be deadly to your American Sweet gum. The only downfall to these treatments is that they will need to be done yearly, to prevent the balls from returning. If you need assistance removing a sweet gum to replant something that fits your maintenance requirements a little better, we can help!

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