The Dangers of Sick Trees


If you have trees on your property in Athens, Georgia, eventually they could be subjected To disease or decay for a number of reasons. While sick trees can be a pest, it is very important that you call North American tree service to assist you before the problem becomes bigger. The longer the decay continues, the more dangerous the tree becomes.


One of the main problems caused by dead and dying trees on your property, is the potential housing for a number of pests and creatures. Termites can actually invade a tree and eventually make its way to your home if it is close enough. This can cause some major damage and can easily be prevented by calling a tree care service in Athens, Georgia. We have a staff of certified Arborist that service Athens and surrounding areas Providing free estimates for you and your property.


One of the most unsettling issues with dead or dying trees is when they have an actual target underneath them. They target consist of cars, houses, Burns, shades, a dead or dying tree on your property will not show any mercy to any of your belongings underneath. Also, storm damage tree removal is much more costly and dangerous than removing the decayed tree in the first place . North American tree service also helps our customers in Athens Georgia by providing fertilization to the trees that are or could be diseased or damaged. This provides an opportunity for the tree to actually repair itself before completely removing the tree. Another problem is if the tree is leaning towards a neighbors house. Any tree on your property in Athens, Georgia is your responsibility to maintain. If your tree is leaning towards your neighbors house, and decides to fall and hit anything in their yard, you will be 100% liable for the damages caused by that dead or dying tree.

Soggy Soil

In Georgia or weather is very much unpredictable. This season we have gotten an absurd amount of rain that was very Unexpected. The problem with all this rain, other than septic tank issues, is when the rain overloads the soil and causes it to become extremely soggy. Dead and dying trees hate soggy soil because it prevents their root systems from being able to hold And distribute weight evenly. What this means is that One heavy rainfall could result in a tree uprooting and landing on your home, or any of your other valuables underneath. Unfortunately, it happens more often than not and is much more expensive than dealing with the problem when it first arises. If you have any dead or dying trees please give us a call today!

Spreading Disease

If you suspect that a tree on your property is disease it is very important that you take care of the problem immediately. There are some diseases that can actually in fact all of your other trees and leave you with a much larger problem. Disease, decade, or sick trees need Attention immediately. This is why you should contact a professional, reliable, tree service that services Athens Georgia and surrounding areas for a free estimate by one of our highly educated certified Arborist on staff. The estimate is 100% free, so there is no reason to wait until the problem is much more extensive. Call us today for a free estimate!

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