How to Tell If You Have Pine Beetles - & How to Eliminate Them.

It is important to recognize the effects a pine beetle has on a tree before the condition worsens. The worst part is that you might not always be able to tell if there is an infestation. If the infestation is not treated in a timely fashion, the tree will most certainly die. Sometimes the tree can hold its composure through an entire season of an attack with no signs of decline until the following season when it might be too late. There are a few symptoms that may or may not be on the tree including:

  • The easiest one, the beetles! Any sign of insect activity usually means decay is prominent in the tree trunk for them to feed on. If you notice insects of any kind in Watkinsville, Ga, give our Arborist’s a call for information on how to proceed.

  • Sawdust - If you notice a reddish sawdust at the base or in the bark of your trees this is most definitely an indicator of a problem! The pine beetles bore their way through the tree leaving behind small amounts of sawdust like material.

  • Tunneling - Another indicator of pine beetles are the tunnels they leave behind in the bark. Be careful not to remove too much of the bark while checking as this can expose the tree to even more disease and pests.

  • Woodpeckers: Believe it or not, if you have woodpeckers in your trees in Watkinsville, you most likely have pine beetles. Woodpeckers feed on the larvae of the beetles.

  • Pitch tubes: Last but certainly not least, pitch tubes are gooey popcorn-looking gunk that ooze out of the tree as a defense mechanism to protect the trees phloem layer.

    There are many kinds of pine beetles, and all of them pose a danger to your trees in Watkinsville, Ga. You must act fast! The best way to get rid of pine beetles is with an insecticide our certified Arborists can provide to you. Next, you would want to make sure you set up a plan with your Arborist to proactively treat your trees to protect them from becoming the next victim. However, the treatment for pine beetles works best before the infestation. Call us today for a consultation on your trees from one of our certified Arborists!

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