Are My Trees Causing Cracks In My Driveway?

Have you noticed a large amount of driveway or sidewalk cracks popping up on your property in Monroe, Ga.? This could be caused by the roots of large trees growing underneath them causing them to crack. But concrete isn’t cheap to replace so how can you prevent this from happening without removing the tree altogether? Our first piece of advice of course will be to plan properly when planting trees not to plant them too close to any type of obstruction that could eventually cause issues including sidewalks, driveways, houses, etc. However there are a few different options if the tree has already started causing issues.

  1. Copper Sulphate -

    Depending on what type of tree is causing the damage in Monroe, Ga., and what type of root system it carries underneath it, you might be able to kill the single root that is protruding through the concrete with Copper Sulphate. This is something that should only be performed by professionals, though, as this can damage the soil. Additionally, this only will work if there is a single root that needs to be removed.

  2. Root Pruning -

    Root pruning will encourage the roots to grow closer to the trunk of the tree rather than out towards your driveway or sidewalk, involves no chemicals and no damage to the tree whatsoever. This is the most viable option in this situation in Monroe, Ga. However root pruning also, should not be performed by anyone other than a professional as removing too much of a tree’s root system could be potentially fatal to the tree.

Design a Barrier

Once you have removed the root, by either pruning or the Sulphate option, it is important to make a trench or some sort of barrier inbetween the root and the concrete to prevent it from further damaging the concrete. Most home retail stores sell these sort of barriers for weeds at a low price with easy installation. It is important to bury the barrier a few inches into the soil, though, as the roots will grow deep and wide and will be difficult to locate until after a problem has risen.

If you are in Monroe, Ga. and having roots issues with your trees, give us a call for a free estimate on removing the root ad fixing the damage!

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