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Why Are My Japanese Maple Leaves Scorching?

Summer is here and the Japanese Maples have blossomed! However, sometimes their leaves are so showy. They have a tendency to brown, curl under, change colors or scorch/burn completely. In the worst cases, they will shrivel up and fall off the tree completely, more common local cases are just mild scorch or burning from too much sun and too little water. We’ve listed a few things to check on your maple to ensure it’s not a bigger problem under the surface:

Over watering

Yes, over watering can actually cause your tree to show some of these symptoms. While Japanese Maples can definitely appreciate wet soil especially during its first few years of being planted, over watering is definitely a common cause of decline. If your leaves are turning brown/black at the tips, this could be a sign of over watering. It’s best to perform a simple soil test using your finger to determine the moisture content of the soil. Make sure you are allowing a proper amount of time in between watering to avoid root rot.

Full sun

After all, Japanese Maples are “part shade” trees. They can adapt well to the blistering sun Georgia has to offer but still thrive best when they receive some sort of shade throughout the day. If you notice your Maple giving you scorched leaves year after year, it might be time to think about relocating it or building some type of filtered shade to put over it. Make sure when transplanting a tree you hire a tree service in Lilburn, Ga. with certified Arborists to help assist you as this can be detrimental to the Japanese Maples health.

Wet Leaves

Make sure when watering your Japanese Maple, especially if it is done in the afternoon, you keep the water off of the leaves and strictly to the base of the tree, as this can cause the leaves to scald.

What not to do:

-Overwater in hopes it will stop the scalding.

-Try to relocate the tree yourself.

-Drench it with fertilizer.

-Spray it with harmful chemicals.

What to do:

Call North American Tree Service to have a certified Arborist in Lilburn, Ga. provide you with a diagnosis of the tree and a plan to resolve the problem. We perform tree transplanting, routine fertilizations and regular pruning/trimming. Call us today for a free tree estimate in Lilburn, Ga.!

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