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Are Woodpeckers Damaging My Trees?

You’ll definitely know if you have a woodpecker problem due to their loud, annoying pecking nature. Woodpeckers can be a major nuisance to you and your neighbors and can cause severe damage to your trees. Pecking at the cambium layers of the tree can open it up to insects and disease very quickly, ending in the death of your tree if it isn’t treated properly.

Why are they pecking my tree?

Woodpeckers forage for insects in the trunk and branches of trees that are ALREADY declining. Yep, that means you not only have a woodpecker problem in Lilburn but more importantly you have a tree that is already infested with insects the woodpecker is going after. This doesn’t always mean there are insects in the trees as some woodpeckers go after the sap in the trees as well as build homes, store food, etc. However its best to have the tree properly assessed by a certified Arborist in Lilburn in order to identify and treat the actual cause of their presence.

How can I prevent woodpeckers from damaging my tree?

There are multiple ways to tackle a woodpecker problem but first things first, DO NOT KILL THE WOODPECKER. They are usually protected by federal law and you WILL be heavily fined if you get caught. Plus, killing animals that can be easily deterred in other ways just isn’t very cool.

-A fully insured tree care company will carry products they can spray on the tree, if the woodpecker is the only problem to eliminate it.

-If the tree is small enough, wrapping the tree in bird netting to prevent them from getting back to the holes they have made.

-An old well known remedy is to put reflective objects such as mirrors close to the tree to frighten them away. Other decoys such as hawks or other animals might keep them away from your trees as well.

-Contact North American Tree Service and have your trees assessed in Lilburn by a certified Arborist to detect any signs of decay or disease in order to properly treat them!

Can I repair the damage to save the tree?

Depending on the size of the damage, the best thing to do for the tree is just leave it alone to heal and make sure you get in contact with North American Tree Service to ensure the rest of the bugs, if any are removed from the tree to prevent further infestations. Filling the large holes made by the woodpecker can actually trap the diseases inside the tree preventing it from being able to heal itself all together. A certified Arborist from North American Tree Service will most likely apply a fungicide to the tree and cover it with sterilized mesh.

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