Top 5 Trees To Plant for Privacy

Let’s face it, not all of us have been blessed with neighbors we enjoy seeing every day. If this is your situation, planting privacy trees is the perfect solution! We have come up with a list of the best and fastest growing trees to plant in your lawn in Georgia for maximum privacy!


Leyland Cypress

This is the go to species when planting for privacy but not having the patience to wait years and years for a few inches. They are very symmetrical and professional in shape and growth habit, giving your landscape a manicured professional look. Amazingly, they grown at at rate of 3-5 feet per year, reaching a total height of 40-60 feet tall. They can adapt very well to any type of soil or condition so no need for a soil test.


Hybrid Poplar

The hybrid poplar is second on the list, as their branches do not fill out to be as dense as the Leylands but their growth rate is about 5 -8 feet per year. Reaching heights of 40-50 feet, this isn’t a species you want to put close to power lines. However, they can be harvested for firewood after about 6 years. They prefer wet soils and full sun, so prior to planting make sure you can provide for the nutritional needs of this monster!


Green Giant Arborvitae

You may have spotted this species in busy apartment complexes or outside of restaurants nearby. Known for its uniform appearance, the Aborvitae grows at a fast rate of over 3 feet per year. Growing to a mature height of around 50-60 feet tall, this dense tree will provide more than enough privacy for your property.


Dawn Redwood

Redwood species are typically home to all areas of the west coast. However this species can survive in zones 5-8 with a semi- fast growth rate of over 2 feet per year. This beauty should be planted in the fall to allow time for the roots to establish before the cold sets in. Redwoods prefer full sun, wet soil and well drained soil.


Cryptomeria ( Japanese Cedar)

Last but certainly not least, the Japanese Cedar is a rapid grower of about 3-5 feet per year with a mature height of 30-40 feet tall. This trees branches are very densley packed, like the leylands, providing a substantial amount of privacy per tree. They prefer full sun to part shade and are very drought tolerant for those of us who aren’t good with high maintenance trees.

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