Tips for Caring for a Redbud Tree

Spring has sprung and we’ve all been affected by the dreaded pollen this year. However, the trees and plants are blooming providing our landscapes with something to be proud of this spring! The eastern Redbud is one of the most commonly chosen trees for residential and commercial properties in Stone Mountain, Ga. and there are many reasons why!

  • They are very fast growers and usually start to blossom within 4 years of being planted.

  • Smaller landscapes hold them well, as they are naturally small growers, usually only up to 20 foot high with a similar spread.

  • Their flowers are bright purple/pink and provide wonderful color in spring and in fall.

  • Their blooms attracts a variety of wildlife including butterflies and songbirds.

  • They carry a very distinct heart-shaped leaf, very small in size.

  • It has a great adaptability in different zones and can sometimes thrive very well in other areas.

The Cercis canadensis (Eastern Red bud) is native to North America and was used as a healing tree to many Native American tribes. The bark on the Red bud was believed to treat whooping cough, many fevers, congestion, vomiting and even treat leukemia! The red bud is one of the very few trees to produce flowers and fruit on the same branches. Unfortunately these fruits are a cuisine to many white tailed deer and livestock. Early settlers would take the fruit and add to their salads.

Here are a few tips for caring for your new Red bud:

  • They prefer full sun and partial shade so finding the right spot in your landscape with a decent amount of afternoon shade just might be the key to the survival of this beauty.

  • No need to test your soil! The Red bud adapts pretty much wherever you place it. Loamy, clay, acidic, alkaline etc. soil are all favorites of this tree.

  • Placing about 3 inches of organic composted mulches around the base of the tree, but without touching the trunk is extremely beneficial for the health of the tree and can help retain moisture in the soil to prevent over frequent watering. We offer 100% organic mulches in Stone Mountain, Ga. recycled from the trees we remove from our customers properties.

  • Maintaining regular pruning by hiring a certified Arborist to formulate a plan for your tree to ensure the health of your Red bud.

Having a certiifed Arborist in Stone Mountain check on your trees is completely free and beneficial to the health of the trees! Call us today for a free estimate on your property!

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